Our Mission

Utilizing state of the art technology, to provide safe, affordable and effective laser tattoo removal and remodeling to the public. Where appropriate, to provide a close working relationship with your tattoo artist in assisting with tattoo remodeling and tattoo cover ups.
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Its time to say goodbye, to your dye.

Tired of explaining why your ex's name is tattooed on your chest? Or did you find out the Japanese character on your lower back doesn't really stand for "Angel"?

You have questions. We have answers.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We know there are many questions surrounding the tattoo removal process. Browse our FAQ page to learn more about the procedure and the life changing technology we use at GoodByeDye. read more >

We are the best in Central Ohio for tattoo removal. GoodByeDye has the only laser in town with not only Nd:YAG but also a Ruby laser built into it for a total of 3 pure wavelengths. Translation: We can get rid of ALL tattoo ink, especially green and blue ink, the most difficult inks to remove.

We are one of the few tattoo removal businesses in Central Ohio with physicians applying the laser treatment to your tattoo. Dr. Miller and Dr. Luken have over 30 combined years of medical experience.

We are also the most affordable tattoo removal business in Central Ohio. We save our customers who have gone to other tattoo removal centers in Central Ohio an average of 50% or more.

We use the best in laser technology

There are 3 definitive reasons from a technology standpoint as to why you should choose to have your tattoo removed/remodeled by Goodbyedye. 100% Pure true laser wavelengths: Goodbyedye uses the Quanta Q + C laser, The highest performance Q-switched laser on the market, period. The Q-Plus C is the only Q-switched laser platform which houses a Nd:YAG Laser with a Ruby Laser within the same platform. These three Laser wavelengths (Nd:YAG 1064 nm / 532 nm & Ruby 694 nm) achieve the highest possible energy fluencies, producing remarkable results. All other Nd:YAG lasers only have the 1064nm/ 532nm true wavelengths and must use gel filled decayable handpieces to bend the laser wavelength to obtain midrange wavelengths for difficult ink color removal