The Quanta System OPTI-BEAM™ technology (Optimal Laser Beam Profile)

The OPTI-BEAM™ handpiece generates a perfect FLAT TOP beam profile thanks to its advanced optical technology. This allows the laser to distribute the power of the laser homogeneously on all the spot size.

This technology is extremely important for a Q-switched laser. The Laser Beam Profile MUST be as much homogeneous as possible (flat top) or longer healing time and side effects can occur. The extremely high optical peak power of these laser devices (more than 160MW) have to treat the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size.


The OPTI-BEAM™ handpiece has a squared spot size that can dramatically help the operator during the procedures:

  • Easier and more precise overlap of the pulses.
  • Due to less skin damage, 20% reduced treatment down-time in tattoo removal compared to traditional spot shapes.